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Wheel Balancing

To ensure the longevity of your expensive car tyres, you need to have the wheels rightly balanced at all times. Balancing wheels is a complicated procedure and requires considerable expertise.

At Tyres Shrewsbury, we have trained professionals to complete a car wheel balancing in Shrewsbury in minimal time and get your vehicle roadworthy again.

We are the leading service facility for wheel balancing and alignment in Shrewsbury. Our facility has enough space for multiple vehicles to be serviced simultaneously.


What is wheel balancing?

Simply put, it is a process of equalising or normalising the weight of the tyre and its wheel assembly. The ultimate purpose is to ensure there is no weight imbalance when driving a car.

Wheels are almost always imbalanced, even if you buy new units from a facility. Small weights are added to a wheel’s rim to ensure that the overall weight is distributed evenly.

These weights used to be made of lead; currently, they are made of more environment-friendly metals.

Fitting these weights is complicated. Our experts have years of experience in working with these, easily making us the most reliable wheel balancing garage in Shrewsbury.


When is wheel balancing required?

It is advisable to refer to your car owner’s manual for more details on this issue. Still, here are four scenarios where you may need wheel balancing:

  • If you feel a steady vibration in the steering column or the floorboard, there is a chance your car’s wheels are out of balance. You must bring it immediately to Tyres Shrewsbury, the leading facility for car wheel balancing in Shrewsbury.
  • If you often have to drive on rough or unpaved roads, you will need wheel balancing at least two times each year.
  • If you have just bought a new set of wheels, you must balance them while fitting them.
  • It is recommended that wheels be balanced after every 5,000 miles.

Why visit our facility?

Tyres Shrewsbury has managed to become the go-to wheel balancing garage in Shrewsbury due to these advantages:

  • At Tyres Shrewsbury, we have the technical expertise and the experience to adjust your vehicle’s wheels. We have separate bays for different cars, vans, heavy vehicles and off-roaders. Our technology is cutting-edge and is continuously upgraded.
  • We are professionals at both types of balancing: traditional spin balancing and road force balancing.
  • Our experts work with both bang-on and adhesive weights. Depending on what your car needs, they will be adjusted quickly and with minimal fuss.
  • Lastly, our pricing is transparent, and every last detail will be explained to you.

Searching for wheel balancing garage near me?

Do not take our word when we say we are the most reliable wheel balancers in Shrewsbury. Rely on what our existing customers say.

If you think your car is not running the way it should, do not waste time. Visit Tyres Shrewsbury, the leading facility for car wheel balancing in Shrewsbury.

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