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Are you looking for TPMS for your vehicle?


If you have purchased your car after 2007, there is a good chance that it has a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System built-in. Due to increasing road accidents and fatalities caused by improperly inflated tyres, the United Kingdom ratified the TREAD Act.

A variation of this Act also exists in these isles. Like all sensors, however, TPMS sensors are rarely fool proof. False-positive readings are frequent, as are breakdowns and other malfunctions.

To rid your mind of these hassles, bring your car to our facility, Tyres Shrewsbury. We are the most reliable and professional caretakers of TPMS sensor Shrewsbury.


What does the TPMS do?

As a professional servicing and sales facility, Tyres Shrewsbury believes in educating our patrons. Essentially, TPMS is a system of sensors whose readings are delivered to that vehicle’s ECU or on-board computer.

This tyre pressure sensor is attached to either the rim or with the tyre’s valve. Either way, the primary tasks of this system are:

  • To monitor air pressure in all tyres in real-time.
  • To alert the driver by flashing the TPMS warning light on the dashboard.
  • To assist with even more advanced navigating systems like Lane Change Assist.

You can easily see the TPMS valve whenever you purchase a new tyre at our facility in Shrewsbury. These valves are painted in bright colours so that they are visible even when ambient light is low.

Common TPMS malfunctions

Here are some known problems which frequently afflict Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems and the sensors start behaving awkwardly.

A. Note that these monitoring systems have their own power source. Most manufacturers use 3-volt Li-ion cells, but some carmakers may fit this sensor with multiple 1.25-volt nickel batteries. If these power sources fail, your TPMS readouts will go blank suddenly.B. At times, the TPMS warning light may come on intermittently. It indicates a failing car battery.

B. At times, the TPMS warning light may come on intermittently. It indicates a failing car battery.

C. Faulty wiring, loose connections and a broken antenna may also cause TPMS problems.When you bring your car to Tyres Shrewsbury, we can easily solve these three widespread problems with a TPMS sensor replacement.

D. If you have had your car’s tyres rotated or aligned lately, the operations may have disturbed the TPMS. Bring your car to our garage immediately to prevent any further damage to your car’s TPMS sensor Shrewsbury.

E. Lastly, it has been noticed that many drivers in the UK do not know what to do when the TPMS warning light comes on. This surprising result was borne out by a Government-sponsored study. What’s more, several respondents thought that a visual inspection, instead of using a pressure gauge, would apprise them of the current air pressure.

All of these variables come into play when you are driving on the British roads. To ensure you do not face any untoward incident, have your car’s TPMS sensor Shrewsbury checked at our facility.

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Many of our patrons ask us how to replace TPMS sensor battery by themselves. It is possible; however, it is extremely risky. To be on the same side, whenever you face any issue, rely on Tyres Shrewsbury - a trained and professionally managed service station.

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