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Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone is currently the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. It is a Japanese company that started manufacturing car tyres in 1931. They have a presence in over 150 countries with 180+ manufacturing and R&D centres.

We at Tyres Shrewsbury are proud sellers of Bridgestone tyres in Shrewsbury and the adjacent areas. You can visit our garage to have a look at your all-encompassing inventory and purchase the apt set of tyres for your vehicle.

Don’t know which one to choose?

Don’t worry because our expert technicians will help you with that.

Some of the premium Bridgestone tyres available at our shop are –

  1. Dueler A/T 001
  2. The Dueler A/T 001 is an all-season tyre for 4x4 and SUVs. It comes with the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification denoting exceptional performance over winter roads.

    Its unique tread pattern helps you gain more control on muddy and rocky terrain along with dry trails. While the grooves reduceucemove water quickly to reduce aquaplaning, the lug tread keeps your car stable.

  3. Potenza S001
  4. The Potenza S001 is one of the best Bridgestone car tyres in Shrewsbury for summer roads. It has high-angle and wide groove design that evacuates water to give your car more traction over wet roads. Along with that, the tyre’s off-centre straight rib accounts for exceptional steering response, especially when driving at high speeds.

    This tyre also has a lightweight belt construction that improves fuel efficiency by minimising rolling resistance. The advance lug and groove design also give you a silent ride.

  5. Ecopia EP150
  6. Another summer tyre for passenger cars is the Ecopia EP150. It comes with Adaptive Contact Surface (ACS) technology that reduces noise exponentially. The 3D cut connecting ribs of this tyre gives you more handling precision, especially when cornering.

    The Ecopia EP150 also has high-angle lug grooves that reduce braking distance and hydroplaning.

Where to buy Bridgestone tyres in Shrewsbury?

At Tyres Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, we have not only the ones mentioned above but also numerous other Bridgestone tyres. You can also find car tyres of several other renowned brands, including that of companies like Maxxis, at our garage.

So, when you are Googling - tyres near me – visit our website and check out the range of tyres we have.

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