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Are you looking for Suspension for your vehicle?


The suspension system in a car is in-charge with providing steering stability, maximising road holding and ensuring a comfortable, bump-less ride, also known as road isolation. Road holding is the most critical job of a suspension system, as it tries to maximise the contact between roads and tyres to enhance friction for safe acceleration, braking, and steering.

And since this system is so critical to safety, we recommend our customers to get their car suspension system Shrewsbury checked routinely.

We at Tyres Shrewsbury have dedicated technicians for this purpose at our extensive facility to ensure prioritised and best in class services.

What are some common suspension issues?

Suspension systems have come a long way due to technological advancements. However, regardless of that, issues with suspension systems still arise from time to time. We notice these issues taking place largely in shock absorbers Shrewsbury (or struts in case of some vehicles), springs, ball joints, and control arms among others, since these are the components that take the brunt of all the irregularities in and on the roads.

the brunt of all the irregularities in and on the roads. We recommend seeking help at our suspension repairing garage Shrewsbury in the following instances:

1. Bumpy rides

As mentioned earlier, one of the functions of a suspension system is road isolation, where it absorbs the shocks from road irregularities, like potholes and bumpers, and dissipates it to ensure an undisturbed ride.

So, when you start feeling those bumps, it might be a sign that your car’s shock absorbers or struts are giving away. Similarly, when there’s a whole lot of bouncing while crossing over the bumps, it indicates some issues with the shock absorber or strut.

Moreover, if your car has struts instead of shock absorbers, you might notice a knocking sound when making contact with bumps.

When you experience any of these instances, reach out to us or search for shock absorber repair near me to contact us!

2. One corner lower than another

The spring in your car’s suspension system holds its weight. So, if you notice that one side of your vehicle is sitting low compared to the other when on level ground, it is an indication of a damaged spring. You can measure each side if you are uncertain of this visual cue. If it holds, then we recommend you bringing your car down to our facility in Shrewsbury, since a broken spring can be risky, especially when cornering.

3. Leaning when braking, accelerating or cornering

In case your car is leaning to the front when braking, leaning backwards when accelerating or leaning sideward when cornering, it’s an indication of faulty shock absorbers or struts.

Apart from these, you should also take note of instances when your car is pulling to one side when driving, or there’s a clunking noise when you hit the bumps, or there’s a difficulty when steering. All these cases potentially indicate a faulty suspension system.

If you notice any or all of these instances mentioned above, you should immediately bring your vehicle to Tyres Shrewsbury for a diagnosis of car suspension system Shrewsbury. Neglect might be extremely risky in this case.

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