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Are you looking for Welding for your vehicle?



Have you ever noticed a cracked panel or perforations on your car’s chassis? You may also come across cracked tubing or muffler as well. Although minor issues at first, these cracks can develop over time and lead to severe problems for your vehicle. Car welding in Shrewsbury is the easiest way to prevent such cracks from festering and ruining your beloved vehicle.

However, like many other car repairs, welding should be left in the hands of a professional. When you are in need of such services, head to Tyres Shrewsbury- the best car welding shop in town.


Different types of welding suitable for vehicular repairs

Car welding in Shrewsbury can be categorised into two types, based on the finesse and quality of outcome you desire. We excel in both of these services, offering affordable packages to our clientele.

1. TIG

TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas welding uses a Tungsten electrode to create a welding arc. This process requires immense expertise and knowhow. We have a team of certified technicians who undertakes this job.

TIG welding is extremely precise, leaving negligible signs of the damage once this process is complete. Tyres Shrewsbury is a reliable car welding garage you can visit to mend cracks or similar damages on your vehicle’s body through welding.

2. MIG

Metal Inert Gas welding is a process similar to TIG. However, in this process, the filler is placed within the nozzle. Thus, it requires less training for welders to learn MIG welding. With MIG, our technicians can weld metals of varying thicknesses. However, the result is not as precise as TIG welding.

Tools of the trade

Welding requires several specialised machinery, including pneumatic saw, shielding gas, dollies, body hammers, angle grinders and likewise. Moreover, the process involves significant dangers, especially to people not overly familiar with such machinery. That is why you should always seek professional car welding services in Shrewsbury if you need to repair your car’s body.

Head over to Tyres Shrewsbury rather than searching ‘car welding services near me’ on the internet. We can repair your car’s dents, scratches and cracks, using modern equipment and machinery.

Our technicians are trained extensively to undertake welding operations, and we will make your vehicle look like new. You can locate us at Dale House, Ennerdale Road, Shrewsbury. You can also reach out to us at 0174 346 9224 to resolve any queries you may have regarding car repairs.

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