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The exhaust system in your car performs several critical functions. Some of the critical ones include -

  • Help the car’s engine run properly by emitting contaminations.
  • Reduce fuel combustion noises.
  • Keep exhaust fumes away from the passenger’s cabin.
  • Lower emission levels.
  • Maintain fuel efficiency.

This system comprises a series of metal pipes that guide the exhaust fumes produced by the internal combustion engine away from the vehicle. Since the fumes are extremely hazardous, and a malfunctioning exhaust system affects the drivability of a vehicle, you’d want to get it serviced in the best exhaust servicing garage Shrewsbury.

We boast of an extensive automotive facility, with a dedicated team of in-house technicians to deal with exhaust servicing in Shrewsbury. At Tyres Shrewsbury, we also utilise the latest tools to ensure efficient and time-effective services.

Symptoms of a failing exhaust system?

While we will handle all your exhaust system-related issues, you must bring it to us before it’s too late for a repair. Therefore, we have mentioned a list of symptoms telling you that your car’s exhaust system is failing.

1. Strange noises

The first and most basic sign for anything amiss with your car’s exhaust system is out-of-character sounds. If you hear a roaring kind of noise, it might be the silencer in the exhaust system that’s malfunctioning, perhaps due to acidic corrosion.

In case you hear hissing sounds, there might be an exhaust leak due to crack or break in one of the exhaust pipes. It might also produce a tapping sound; these noises become sharper during acceleration.

You might also notice rattling sounds, like that of a box full of rocks or coins sound. It’s an indication that the catalytic converter in your car is failing.

In any case, such noises in your vehicle’s exhaust system are your cue to start searching “exhaust servicing near me”.

2. Loss of power

You might also notice an issue with the performance of your vehicle or when starting up your car. For instance, your vehicle’s fuel efficiency might be deteriorating. It may occur because of an exhaust leak due to corroded or damaged exhaust pipes, which causes loss of backpressure. Due to such impairments, your vehicle may suffer a loss of power, fuel efficiency, and acceleration.

3. Smell of raw gasoline

You cannot miss the smell of raw gasoline. If you get this smell in the passenger cabin, it indicates an exhaust fume leak because of a damaged exhaust pipe(s). It may also mean a failing catalytic converter. In any case, you might want to look for exhaust repairing services Shrewsbury.

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Bring your car down to our exhaust repairing garage Shrewsbury if you notice any of these symptoms mentioned above. A faulty exhaust system is likely to produce serious consequences if neglected. Our technicians will inspect the issue(s) thoroughly and let you know the repair course they will take before going forward.

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