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Landsail Tyres

Landsail tyres are synonymous with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Even though the brand might not enjoy the heft of popularity like its contemporaries, it has made its mark in the automotive industry.

This 80-year old tyre manufacturer certainly attracts many takers in the United Kingdom because of its durability coupled with high-performance features that sets it apart from the competition.

You can certainly count on Landsail tyres in Shrewsbury and us; we at Tyres Shrewsbury stock an exhaustive inventory of car tyres and are one of the largest and most prominent retailers in the neighbourhood.

You can visit us at our facility at Ennerdale Road or browse through our online catalogue of brand new car tyres. We price all our product competitively, so you do not have to worry about exceeding your budget when you buy Landsail tyres from us. Plus, our inventory comprises a wide range of products from summer, winter, all-season to 4x4 and performance tyres.

Top Landsail Tyre models in the United Kingdom

Here are some of the best car tyres in Shrewsbury that Landsail has to offer –

1. LS388

This one’s perfect for economical use. Its unique tread design plays out well with the advanced silica compound to provide low rolling resistance, which, in turn, ensures low fuel consumption. Plus, it is an ideal fit for the uncertain Shrewsbury climate that calls for sudden rains throughout the year. Its grooves are designed to resist aquaplaning and facilitate enhanced grip in wet conditions effectively. What’s more, LS388 is one of the least noise producing tyres in the market, perfect for your everyday commute.

2. LS588

This one’s an ideal fit for the speedsters. It is one of the brand’s latest additions to its array of UHP tyres. The LS588 provides superior grip across all weathers, as well as excellent handling characteristics. Additionally, you can count on this model to save your vehicle’s fuel consumption whilst ensuring the thrill you get from a UHP tyre – a rare combination. Plus, its 3D tread design allows the tyre to adapt to different road conditions seamlessly, producing less noise even at high speeds.

3. CLV2

This model is specifically designed for SUVs and is a champion 4x4 tyre model. It features longitudinal grooves that improve water dispersion on wet tarmacs, preventing hydroplaning. It provides for exceptional levels of handling and cornering performances while its solid central rib facilitates superior stability. CLV2 sports specially designed sipes to augment the high-speed driving experience. What’s more, its criss-cross grooves ensure superior grip and enhanced stopping capability.

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