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Kumho Tyres

Kumho Tyres, formerly known as Samyang Tyre, is a South-Korean tyre manufacturer. While the brand name may not strike a chord as instantly as Dunlop or Michelin, they are an organisation spread over nearly 180 countries. What’s more, Kumho produces more than 68 million tyres annually.

The brand is popular for a number of achievements. It was a class winner at the high-stake 24 hours La Mans race and also developed a tyre model for Formula 1. So, there’s no doubt about Kumho Tyres competency in making A-class, high-performance tyres. In case you have been looking for Kumho tyres in Shrewsbury, you can reach us.

We at Tyres Shrewsbury stock an extensive inventory of car tyres and pride ourselves on the range of Kumho products we retail. You can also visit our online portal to buy Kumho tyres, or, you can visit our store at Ennerdale Road, Shrewsbury.

What are some of the top Kumho Tyre models in the United Kingdom?

Here are some models of car tyres in Shrewsbury for which we see constant demand –


It is an Ultra-High Performance tyre model that is extremely popular amongst sports car owners. If you own a performance car, fitting the ECSTA PS91 tyre will add that extra notch in your driving experience. Its superior handling performance in dry tarmacs, excellent responsiveness, and short braking distance are some of the qualities that set this model apart.


One cannot simply overlook the fickle weather conditions prevalent in Shrewsbury when choosing a tyre. The ECSTA PS71 is a favourite of customers for that reason. It provides exceptional braking and handling performances on both dry and wet roads. Plus, it features a new High dispersible micro-silica compound that prevents aquaplaning effectively.


This one is our pick for the most eco-friendly and economical car tyre. By design, it provides for sustainable fuel consumption. Moreover, it’s made of eco-friendly compounds. It also offers an all-round handling performance and A-quality grip in wet conditions.


If you drive an electric car then this one’s the right Kumho tyre model for you. It’s designed specifically for EVs, and offers exceptional handling performance on wet tarmacs along with low noise, and comfortability.

Kumho Tyres near me

If you are searching the internet for ‘Kumho tyre stockists near me’, you ought to have seen us, Tyres Shrewsbury, amongst the first few suggestions. Our in-house experts will guide you to the best suit based on your car model and your budget.

You can also contact us at 0174 346 9224 and schedule an appointment for buying and fitting Kumho tyres in Shrewsbury and beat the queue.

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