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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics for your vehicle?

Your vehicle consists of several components, each prone to a number of issues at any point of time. Precisely identifying each and every one of such problems requires certain expertise; that’s why vehicle diagnostics services exist, and we at Tyres Shrewsbury are experts in it. For any problem, even if it’s a minor one, you can bring your car to our workshop for engine diagnostics Shrewsbury. Our technicians will use state-of-the-art equipment to identify the problem and address it promptly.


How does car diagnostic work?

Since the 1980s, all vehicles are equipped with On-Board Diagnostics or OBD systems. The OBD 1.5 was a partial successor to the earlier technology and was implemented during the mid-1990s.

Later, in 1994, came OBD II, which is the current version used in all vehicles.

The OBD primarily consists of an electronic control unit (ECU) that is connected with several sensors and actuators connecting different parts of a car. These sensors and actuators relay information about the vehicle’s condition to the ECU.

Any faults in a car can be diagnosed through the OBD by reading the outputs.

To do that, technicians use a scanner tool by connecting the OBD through a Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC).

An OBD communicates with the scanner by sending Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTCs. These codes, when read by our technicians, can be used to identify the source of an issue.

When should you get a car diagnostic test in Shrewsbury?

Generally, you must bring your car to our shop when your car acts in a manner which is not as usual. Some other issues that require diagnosis are mentioned below –

  • When the ‘check engine’ light is on. It is the primary reason to get car diagnostics Shrewsbury.
  • If your car’s fuel economy suddenly decreases by a significant margin. It can be caused by several problems; a failing exhaust system can be one of them. Faulty spark plugs can also instigate such problems.
  • Your vehicle’s power output and acceleration decreases suddenly. Bring your car to our garage in Shrewsbury at the earliest if you face this issue.
  • Electronics like the headlights become dimmer even though the battery is fine. It can happen due to a failing or malfunctioning alternator, which is not charging the battery correctly.
  • Your car’s engine misfires. This may happen due to a number of reasons. Faulty spark plugs, blown head gasket, leaking exhaust valves, cracked distributor cap, and lean fuel mixture are a few of them.
  • The engine stalls. Malfunctioning oxygen sensor can be one of the reasons for such problems.
  • Your vehicle is drifting to one side of the road. Misaligned wheels or faults in the suspension system can cause such problems.

Car diagnostics services from Tyres Shrewsbury

If you are searching the internet for ‘car diagnostics near me’ then you are likely to see us amongst the first few results. We are the highest-rated garage providing engine diagnostics Shrewsbury, and that can be validated by the goodwill that we have.

Our expert technicians can diagnose your car thoroughly and find the source of any problem. They will give you a prompt response for addressing the issues and making your vehicle as good as new.

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