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Are you looking for Tyre Fitting for your vehicle?

tyre fitting

If the tread depth of your car tyres is close to 1.6 mm, then it is time to replace them with new ones.

The varying road conditions, along with the constant heat build-up, means that your car tyres undergo a considerable amount of stress every day. Regardless of weather conditions and other variables, tyres are susceptible to normal wear after a certain period of use.

Therefore, you need to replace worn tyres with newer ones after regular intervals to maintain driving comfort and safety.

Undertaking tyre fitting in Shrewsbury can be a difficult process, especially if you choose to approach it as a DIY project. You would require serious technical expertise to mount wheels successfully.

tyre fitting

Fortunately, thanks to Tyres Shrewsbury, residents of the county can rest easy. You can visit our shop for quick and reliable tyre fitting services.

Tyre fitting in Shrewsbury: How do our specialists do it?

You may have come across the tyre-fitting process across garages. Our experts use specialised tools to remove the older tyre from the rim and install a new one in its place. Also known as tyre changers, such tools are integral to the entire process.

Listed below is the common process for replacement of wheels -

    • The first step is to jack your vehicle in such a way that allows for tyre removal and installation.
    • The initial stage of tyre removal is completed manually, while a mounting machine is used afterwards.
    • Wheels are removed from a car’s axle, and the air inside them is released.
    • With a mounting machine, old tyres are removed from rims.
    • Next, our technicians use a mounting grease to coat the insides and outsides of the rims.
    • They will use the mounting machine once again to place the new tyres over the rim effectively.
    • Finally, our technicians will inflate the tyre adequately before shutting its valve. This concludes the tyre fitting in Shrewsbury.

Let the professionals fit your car tyres

Tyre replacement is an extremely technical undertaking. It requires proper knowhow, along with specialised equipment. Since it is unlikely that you have a mounting machine lying around at your home, you need to consult a tyre fitting garage in Shrewsbury.

As a resident of the town, you should stop searching for ‘tyre fitting near me’. Instead, you can head over to Tyres Shrewsbury for quick and quality tyre mounting services. Our experts possess the necessary technical knowledge to resolve all your tyre-related difficulties.

We are located at Dale House, Ennerdale Road, Shrewsbury, SY13LD. You can also call us to set up an appointment at 0174 346 9224. Our specialists will aid you at the soonest.

If you cannot spare the time to visit our garage, we recommend trying out our mobile tyre fitting services. With it, we can change your tyres at your home or the place you wish so that you do not need to take time out from your busy schedule.

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