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Are you looking for Tyre Repair for your vehicle?

A common fate all car owners face across the world is a tyre puncture! And worst of all, a puncture almost always occurs when in a hurry! We understand this shared woe of being stranded with a punctured tyre in the middle of the road!

However, we at Tyres Shrewsbury have some relieving news for you! With us, a car puncture repair Shrewsbury is simple, accessible, expeditious, and easy on the pocket! So, if you find yourself stranded due to a flat tyre in this neighbourhood, reach out to us, and our skilled technicians will assist you on priority.

What to do when there is a tyre puncture?

A tyre puncture is when the pneumatic radial deflates, which causes the rim to ride on the tyre’s tread. If you continue to drive even if it’s just for a very short distance with a punctured tyre, it could lead to loss of control and permanently damage the tyre – and even worse – whole rim! Therefore, when you first experience a flat tyre, bring your car to a halt at the side of the road.

In case you notice any of the following instances, you should reach out to a puncture repairing garage Shrewsbury:

    • Rapid or slow deflation of tyres because of penetration by any sharp object, like a nail, or shards of glass.
    • Collision with an external object causing the link between a tyre and rim to break.
    • Old or broken valve.

In case you do not have us in your contacts, you can search “puncture repair near me”.

Are all tyre punctures repairable?

Not all tyre punctures are fixable. Therefore, our technicians will quickly examine the extent of damage that your car’s tyre has sustained and then report whether a repair is possible or it would be better to go for replacement.

Since we adhere to the BS AU 159, the British standards for tyre repairing, in the following instances we prescribe you go for replacement.

    • Beyond repair damage to the tyre’s structural integrity.- Extremely worn out, degenerating, or aged rubber.
    • Extremely worn out, degenerating, or aged rubber.
    • Tread depth is less than 1.6mm across the circumference of the tyre.
    • Sidewall damage
    • Repairs carried out previously.

Apart from these cases, car puncture repair Shrewsbury will be happy to help you. Your safety, is our top prioroty! If you’re unsure whether to go for replacement or repairing, you can reach out to us.

Why Tyres Shrewsbury?

We are an extensive automobile servicing facility with a dedicated puncture repair division. So, you do not have to wait in a queue to get your tyres inspected in Shrewsbury. What’s more, we use the latest tools to check tyre damages, and overall factors like tyre pressure, wheel imbalance, etc.

Additionally, with our exhaustive inventory of tyres, you can put an end to your “tyres near me” searches in case there’s need for replacement.

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