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Evergreen Tyres

Evergreen, a relatively new tyre manufacturer, started their operations in 1995, but in a relatively short timeframe enjoyed staggering growth. In 2014, Evergreen ranked among the top twenty tyre manufacturers across the globe. As of 2020, its business network spans across nearly 100 countries in the world.

Due to a sustainable and predominantly research-based model of tyre development, it has gained the trust of car owners globally as well as in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for Evergreen tyres in Shrewsbury, then you can drive down to our facility at Ennerdale Road. We at Tyres Shrewsbury carry an exhaustive and diverse stock of car tyres in Shrewsbury.

Plus, our inventory of Evergreen tyre models ranges from supremely durable ones to tyres the deliver ultra-high-performance.

You can drop by our facility to buy Evergreen tyres or you can also make use of our online portal to select a model that suits your vehicular specifications as well as your budget.

Top Evergreen tyre models in the United Kingdom

Here are some of the best and most popular tyre models from this brand in the UK –


One of its unique features is the outer shoulder block design hosting several biting edges that provide better grip when cornering. What’s more, its robust central tread rib enhances the traction levels to improve stability and braking performance.

DYNACONTROL exhibits low rolling resistance, ensuring durability and low fuel consumption. Lastly, its circumferential groove pattern facilitates superior water dispersion, key in resisting aquaplaning on wet roads.


DYNACOMFORT aces over its competitors when it comes to providing a smooth and silent ride. Its sequential block design attenuates the noise and improves comfortability. Plus, it’s an economical 4x4 tyre choice because of the advanced silica compound that maximises durability. Its asymmetric tread design and block layout enhance its road grip and handling performance profusely. What’s more, its design, spread over a large contact area, improves its braking distance, ensuring safety.

3. EH22

It is one of our top-sellers in Shrewsbury due to its all-round prominence in all types of road conditions. Its robust central rib provides for superior straight-line stability, while its unique groove design extends to the shoulder of the tyre to enhance handling performance when cornering. Moreover, its longitudinal grooves facilitate exceptional water dispersion, critical to resist hydroplaning and for augmented road grip on wet tarmacs. Plus, its unique tread design minimises road noise, offering you a comfortable ride.

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Tyres Shrewsbury, one of the largest retailers in this neighbourhood, stock a diverse range of Evergreen tyres in Shrewsbury. In your search for Evergreen tyres near me, you should always consider us for your purchase. Our expert technicians will help you choose the best set of tyres that suits your car as much as it suits your driving preferences.

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