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One of the few giants of the automotive industry, Continental is a name synonymous with quality and technologically superior tyres. Since 1871, the company has redefined the automobile industry, offering class-leading tread designs, unique rubber compounds that handle an awful amount of use, without compromising safety.

We at Tyres Shrewsbury have brought a wide array of Continental tyres for your picking. We highly recommend you make Continental your number one choice; select your preferred model from our premium collection of car tyres and enjoy unmatched performance, safety, and comfort during your daily commute.

We stock Continental car tyres in Shrewsbury of all different sizes and specifications, as well as for various types of vehicles. From your family sedan to your high-performance vehicle, you will find the perfect set of tyres at our store, that too at an unbelievable price.

What do we have to offer?

This summer, we witnessed high footfalls for summer tyres. Most of our patrons who own high-end sports cars went for the EcoContact 6.

This latest model has Continental’s latest ‘Green ChiliTM’ technology. It helps you save on fuel while enjoying a comfortable ride at the same time.

The SportContact 6 range has also witnessed a surge in popularity. Its new adaptive cap ply has been spoken of highly. We recommend these models for SUVs and hatchbacks too, as they come in several rim sizes.

We have also recently stocked our inventory with a wide array of winter tyres. You can now buy continental tyres in Shrewsbury and drive safely over ice and slush in the upcoming winter months.

Offering the right balance of performance and safety, here are some of the picks of our in-house experts.

  • ContiWinterContact TS830 P ContiSeal
  • ContiWinterContact TS800
  • ContiWInterContactTS790

These top-of-the-line continental tyres in Shrewsburysports a 3D uni-body design, which increases the overall surface area for better road grip. The softer rubber compound also shortens the stopping distance significantly, even when you are on ice or snow-covered roads.

The above-mentioned tyres also offer excellent wet grip. Its unique design displaces water extremely efficiently, eliminating any chances of aquaplaning.

Also, if you want something which is suitable for all-season use, we have those stocked for you as well. Continental all-season car tyres in Shrewsbury improve mileage while offering excellent performance on both wet and dry road conditions. We have inventoried some of the highest-rated all-season Continental tyres in Shrewsbury.

Our experts recommend –

  • ContiProContact
  • ContiProContactContiSeal
  • PureContact LS
  • PureContact with EcoPlus Technology
  • ProContact RX SSR

These all-season tyres sport a new sipe design that reduces treadwear, without compromising the ability to remove water beneath the contact area.

Looking for a new set of tyres?

Stop searching for ‘tyres near me’, bring your vehicle to Tyres Shrewsbury and select from a wide array of highest quality Continental products. All our tyresare duly displayed with their respective EU tyre label, allowing you to select the best one for your budget. You can also purchase from our online portal and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

So, when you are Googling - tyres near me – visit our website and check out the range of tyres we have.

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