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Are you looking for Air Conditioning  for your vehicle?

Keeping your vehicle’s air conditioning system tuned, especially before the summer, and also before the start of the cold season is crucial for ensuring a comfortable commute. To help you with that, we at Tyres Shrewsbury provide air conditioning service Shrewsbury. You can visit our garage for any issue or service requirements related to your car’s AC.


Some of the air conditioning services that we provide are –

1. Air con recharge or re-gas

Air con recharge or re-gas is the process of replacing the AC’s refrigerant. This procedure is done based only on the manufacturer’s specified standards.

To ensure that there are no leaks or cracks that can cause the refrigerant to vent, we also perform a quick vacuum test.

Did you know? In the UK, cars usually have two types of refrigerants - R134a and R1234yf. 90% of the vehicles in this country use the former; it is also cheaper (around half the cost) than the latter.

The experienced technicians working at our garage will get your car ready in the quickest turn-around time possible. We will also test the performance of the repaired unit.

When should you have your car’s AC recharged?

Whenever you feel that your car’s air con is not providing satisfactory cooling, it is time to get it recharged. Otherwise, manufacturers usually recommend having an air conditioner recharged every two years. So, make sure to drop by our shop for car air conditioning gas refill Shrewsbury.

Did you know? Vehicles can lose 10 to 20% of the refrigerant every 1 to 2 years.

2. Air con repairing

Under this, we offer a host of services; these include –

  • Inspection of compressor, condenser, and evaporator.
  • Performing a leak test.
  • Checking the refrigerant level.
  • Testing the cooling effect.

When should you have your car air con serviced?

The servicing time for your car air conditioning is the same as recharging – once every 2 years.

Signs that prompts you to go for air conditioning services

a. Condensation on your car dashboard

If there is condensation, especially on the dashboard, then it usually indicates a blocked hose. You should bring your vehicle to Tyres Shrewsbury immediately for inspection.

b. Rattling noise

Rattling sound coming from the air con can be caused by debris blocking the system or a worn-out fan belt.

3. AC anti-bacterial cleaning services

Not using the air conditioner for a prolonged period, especially during winter, can cause the accumulation of microorganisms in the vent and pipes. It usually results in an unpleasant odour when you turn on the AC.

In such cases, it is better to bring your car to our garage for air conditioning service Shrewsbury. Our technicians will perform thorough anti-bacterial cleaning to eliminate the issue. They will also check the refrigerant and oil levels and perform a temperature check.

Bring your vehicle to our garage in Shrewsbury if you are experiencing any problem with its air conditioning system. When searching - car AC repairing services near me – choose us to get quality repair at an affordable price.

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