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UK car owners are familiar with tyre brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone and Dunlop. However, a Taiwanese brand, Maxxis, is slowly inching towards supremacy in the country’s tyre markets. The company has already become the 9th largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

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Before you rush to acquire Maxxis tyres in Shrewsbury, you should learn a bit more about the company and its products.

Maxxis: A brief introduction

Founded in 1967, Maxxis tyres were associated solely with bicycles for a significant period. Today, the brand has shifted its focus to producing tyres for several vehicles, including cars, ATVs, 4x4 and motorcycles.

Maxxis first entered the UK market in 2005, when it formed a joint venture with Bickers. The tyre manufacturer was responsible for overseeing wheel sales across Ireland and the UK.

At present, Maxxis operates a company base at Felixstowe. You can also find its offices in Coventry.

Today, the tyre brand has 30,000 employees worldwide, with established operations across in around 170 countries. Apart from the United Kingdom, you can find Maxxis tyres in the United States, Germany, Vietnam, India, Japan, Dubai and many others.

According to recent estimates, the company’s worldwide revenue is close to $4 billion.

Popular Maxxis car tyres in Shrewsbury

Maxxis represents premium quality without the associated price tag. Listed below are some of the popular Maxxis tyres in Shrewsbury based on the various seasons and road conditions.

1. Victra Sport 5 VS5

The Victra Sport 5 VS5 is a premium tyre from the Taiwanese brand, which can easily compete with the likes of other high-performance tyres. This summer tyre can handle both wet and dry road conditions with ease. Its impressive aquaplaning resistance technology is responsible for increased traction on moist surfaces.

2. Bravo HP-M3

If you own a larger car, such as an SUV or 4x4, the Bravo HP-M3 is the perfect tyre for you to consider. This summer tyre has sufficient resistance to aquaplaning, ensuring safe drives even when the roads are wet.

Moreover, with noise reduction features, you can look forward to a comfortable and relatively silent ride. You should purchase these car tyres in Shrewsbury if you are looking for increased stability on high-speed drives.

3. Arctic Trekker WP-05

If you seek the perfect winter tyre for your car, the Arctic Trekker WP-05 should fulfil all your demands. The tyre is equipped with an independent block design, which enhances its traction over snow and ice. The same structure allows it to exert superior friction on muddy surfaces as well.

At Tyres Shrewsbury, we stock these winter tyres for car owners who desire optimal performance from their vehicles, even on snow-laden streets.

4. Premitra All-Season AP3

As the name indicates, this tyre can help your car run smoothly throughout the year. Regardless of seasonal and weather changes, you can expect efficient handling from the Premitra All-Season models. Apart from superior control, it is also designed to reduce noise.

Impressive R&D: The key to superior tyres

Maxxis has invested heavily in research and development to improve its range of products. For instance, the company spent around $150 million to construct a brand-new test track near Shanghai.

Consciously, you can buy Maxxis tyres in Shrewsbury without any apprehension as all the products undergo rigorous testing.

Buy Maxxis products from Tyres Shrewsbury

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