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Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama tyres is one of the largest Japanese tyre manufacturers. These state-of-the-art tyres are built for performance and reliability. If you are looking for high-quality Yokohama tyres in Shrewsbury, you will find a wide range at our store, Tyres Shrewsbury.

Yokohama’s products have been perennial favourites with high-performance car owners worldwide. Partly, this is because this group has positioned itself as a high-performance tyre manufacturer. Their partnerships with the American Le Mans Series and the Macau Grand Prix are legendary.

With Tyres Shrewsbury in town, you can now buy Yokohama tyres in Shrewsbury as well as from our facility.

Popular Yokohama models

Over many years, we have noticed that our patrons prefer certain models over others. Tyres Shrewsbury stores Yokohama’s entire range: from summer to winter and high-performance to 4x4 models.

Here are some of the bestselling Yokohama car tyres in Shrewsbury.

  1. Advan Sport V105: The Sport V105 is the latest addition to Yokohama’s popular Advan range of performance tyres. These are asymmetric, capable of high acceleration, boast exceptional handling even when roads are wet, and come equipped with the latest advancements in tread technology.
  2. SDrive: Yokohama launched this series for car owners who live in urban areas and are looking for high-performance tyres. This is one of our most popular Yokohama tyres in Shrewsbury.< The>
  3. Earth-1: In line with its stated policy of caring for the environment, Yokohama’s Earth-1 model has very low running noise, and a significantly reduced fuel consumption. This model is perfect for hatchbacks and electric vehicles. You can purchase these car tyres in Shrewsbury at reasonable prices from our facility.

Wondering “Yokohama tyres near me?”

At Tyres Shrewsbury, you will find attractive discounts on Yokohama’s models. We will balance and align your car’s wheels with our post purchase fitment services. Alternatively, you can also purchase the products via our website as well. The largest tyre retailer of your town is always ready to cater to your requirements.

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