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Periodic wheel alignment is of great importance for your vehicle’s overall performance and longevity. Misaligned wheels are often a cause of great concern; they can rob your car tyres’ service lives of thousands of extra miles, and are often the reason why you end up paying extra for fuel and get poor driving experience.

At Tyres Shrewsbury, we specialise in tyre sales and after-sale services. Our expertise lies in the precise handiwork we offer to our clientele, especially for complex repair works like wheel alignment.

We use the latest technology available - Hunter Wheel Alignment in Shrewsbury. More precisely, we are one of the few stations in County Shropshire which uses the world-class Hunter HawkEye Elite alignment machine.

What makes Hunter wheel alignment special?

Hunter is an American company founded just after the Second World War. From its inception, it has specialised in under-car engineering. Over the years, it has introduced a range of wheel alignment techniques so efficient that they have become a brand.

Traditional wheel aligning machines require at least ten minutes using mounted sensors and the ageing rack technology. It also requires several people to work on a single vehicle simultaneously.

On the contrary, Hunter HawkEye Elite will provide detailed readings and judge any misalignments in less than five minutes thanks to its advanced design, easy-to-use interface and minimal setup time.

Note that Tyres Shrewsbury has multiple teams certified by Hunter’s UK training chain. Since this is a proprietary system, we have ensured that our technicians understand this technique as much as the previous aligning methods.

We have thus been careful to make your session of Hunter Wheel Alignment in Shrewsbury as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Here are some advantages of this new technology:

Setup takes seconds, not minutes: We use Hunter’s patented QuickGrip adaptors and spring-loaded clamps to ensure easy and fast installation. The system is so designed that even off-centre placement will have no negative effect on the final readings.

No rim damage: We ensure that there is no direct contact between metals. The clamp hooks do not touch the hub of your car’s wheels.

Lightweight and remarkably durable: Hunter’s HawkEye technology has made it possible to say goodbye to traditional aligning machines. These were big and bulky, and difficult to set up every time. This advancement has had a direct effect on the total time consumed.

Ideal for vehicles with ADAS: When you arrive at our facility for a Hunter Wheel Alignment in Shrewsbury,  we can also help you with your Advanced Driver Assistance System, a standard safety feature found in most premium and even budget passenger cars. Vehicles with ADAS require an alignment and an automated calibration more frequently than models sans ADAS. Tyres Shrewsbury  can help you in this aspect.

Guaranteed alignment accuracy: Hunter’s technology makes use of multiple HD imaging sensors which can pinpoint up to 14 types of alignment issues. From Toe in/out, Camber changes, Caster angle issues to thrust angles, everything is digitally mapped. These findings are then matched against your car manufacturer’s requirements. Alignment proceeds after that.

3D, real-time view: We will guide you through this process thanks to Virtual View, another proprietary Hunter technology. A monitor will show you 3D images of the alignment angles being measured.

Longer-lasting repair: Tyres Shrewsbury  promises you better measurements and adjustments, including some applicable to the steering mechanism, so that your trips to garages become less frequent.

Have you been searching for ‘Hunter Wheel Alignment services near me?’  Visit our facility immediately. Note that:

  • We recommend that you book an appointment with us over our website or via phone by calling us on 0174 346 9224. Our expert technicians will be ready for you.
  • Tyres Shrewsbury’s  wheel alignment package is reasonably priced and is transparent. It incorporates the use of Hunter HawkEye Elite system and front-wheel alignments only. Rear-wheel adjustments may cost you a bit extra. We will, however, inform you beforehand should such a situation arise.

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